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Our Story

The art of hospitality is like the intricate process of weaving, where every thread plays a vital role in creating a masterpiece of guest experience.

Welcome to LOOM Athens, where modern design meets Greek culture and history. We’re a boutique hotel situated in the historic area of Kerameikos bordering on the bohemian quarter of Metaxourgeio, a vibrant neighborhood that celebrates the arts and crafts of Athens from antiquity to now.


The creation

We are a group of architects, interior designers and engineers, passionate for creativity and authenticity. We have joint forces and put our inspiration, experience and passion together to create your unique starting point to discover the treasures of Greece. 

Our dream is to create a place, where art and craftmanship comes together to create more than a hotel, a place of inspiration, design and serenity! 

A place that connects the glorious artisans of the past with the groovy design scene of modern Athens. 

The thoughtfully designed geometrical theme, full of natural materials, surrounded by colourful elements, is evident throughout our 11 rooms and suites, paying homage to local legendary artisans. We love our hotel’s tailor made facade completed by ceramic bricks originally designed for the Loom, created by using Greek clay.

The Area

We are conveniently located only 5 minutes from ‘Kerameikos’ Metro Station making transportation very easily accessible. Discover the Kerameikos Archaeological Site nearby and delve into Greece’s history by walking along the ancient streets where Potters’ Quarter once stood. Plaka District, Acropolis and Museum all lay just around the corner – only 15 minutes away. 

Kerameikos has a fascinating history – did you know that it was home to numerous potters and vase painters who sourced their clay from the Eridanus River? 

This little known river was the origin of the English term “ceramic”. In more recent times skilled craftsmen made their way here during the 18th and 19th centuries drawn by the first Silk Mill and Silk Processing Factory created in the area by the 1st King of Greece. Opportunities such as The Silk Mill or The Silk Processing Factory used within the area, where they gained popularity. 


In a nutshell

At LOOM Athens, we are knitting a thread that connects the past of Athens with the present and future. Join us in celebrating the vibrant spirit of Kerameikos and Metaxourgeio, and discover the story of Athens through our eyes. We invite you to be a part of our story and experience Athens like never before.

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