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October 25, 2021 2024-05-16 17:30
Boutique Hotel

A hidden gem in Athens

The Hotel

Welcome to LOOM Athens, a captivating boutique hotel merging modern comfort with Athenian culture. Discover our thoughtfully designed rooms, which provide you with ultimate serenity while paying tribute to the rich history of the area where a vibrant community of craftsmen flourished. Immerse yourself in Athenian heritage just minutes away.



11 rooms and suites paying homage to legendary artisans through our Ceramic Brick element that accentuates every corner. View All Rooms

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Eat & Drink


Awaken your senses at our restaurant as the sun rises, offering an enticing selection of breakfast and snacks throughout the day. With a focus on Greek cuisine and locally sourced ingredients, indulge in freshly baked delicacies that energize you for a day of exploring fascinating Athens.

Wellness in the city

Mission: Revival

Kerameikos, an ancient neighborhood of Athens steeped in history, has gracefully evolved over time. Presently, it stands as a captivating district pulsating with vibrant bars, restaurants, and galleries where the spirit of contemporary Athens seamlessly blends with the majestic echoes of the past, making it one of the most interesting areas of the city.


Harmonious Fusion of Contemporary Design and Timeless Heritage

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